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Congrats for Home Server Status mention on Windows Weekly


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    • Drexlock
      By Drexlock
      I've read a lot of posts about installing Virtualbox on top of WHS2011 but has anyone come across an addon that integrates Virtualbox into WHS like how Hyper-V is into Server2008 R2?
      I'm running Server2008 R2 at home at the moment and was thinking of moving over to WHS2011 for the DLNA and Backup features. My only big hitch is I have a few VM's running in Hyper-V (Minecraft server, OpenVPN, Torrent server, Sparkleshare) and really cant go back to living without them. The best feature IMHO of Hyper-V is the intergration of VM launch and shutdown with the Host system which is sadly lacking in my knowledge of Virtualbox. I was thinking with the wide variety of Addons for WHS v1 and 2011 someone must have though of a Virtualbox Addon that brought some of that functionality to Virtualbox and WHS but I have yet to find one that does.
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