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I've about had it with PP3's Media Center archive function. I gave been using it for the last couple of weeks and it's just not reliable enough for me to use.

First, it got stuck trying to transfer a show called "Landscapes." I had no clue what this show was and more importantly where it was since I could not locate it. Kromseesall told me via twitter to stop the service and restart the media center. I did that and it finally transferred the mystery recording to my WHS. It ended up being a default video that was on the Media Center. I had no clue it was there and I've been in and out of the Recorded TV folder hundreds of times.
It finally transferred a few shows but it has never successfully completed a conversion to a mobile format. I have the AC3 codec installed and I've recorded a bunch of different shows which are not DRM'd but it still won't do it.

So I'm throwing in the towel and wondered if anyone else is happy with it.

On a side note, I listened to Ian's podcast last week. Show 242 has the author of OAB Software and he has a Media Center transcoder that looks very interesting. It leverages the abilities of the ATI graphics cards that can run Avivo. Unfortunately I have been running NVIDIA for the last 4 or 5 years but I'm curios if anyone else has tried this. Link here.
I also don't know enough about ATI cards to know which one would be good and support Avivo. All I need is a simple video card since it is just a server and not pumping video directly to the TV.
I would also like to know what would be a good card to use to hook to the TV. HDMI, etc. Just in case I want to head that direction in the future. No sense buying this twice.

Here is what I want.
Transfer recorded TV shows as per a schedule I dictate.
Transcode only shows that I choose on a schedule I choose. Not all or nothing. Only certain shows.
I want more options for transcoding than is offered by HP and the EX495 plus more control.

I don't want much huh?!!!

It would be awesome to see the writers of all the cool add-ins for WHS and MC to get together and create something like this.
Brent Friedman has TV Manager.
Rick Drasch has Recorded TV Manager.

That's my rant and my wish list. I'll be adding this to list of add-ins that I want!

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