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Wall server grows up into a 2011 server - WITH GROWING PAINS


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The Wall server from last year has straightend up and grown up but......can you spot the major oversite.

Just a little embarrassing actually.


b8.jpgb9 (3).jpg


Hint: it was a little hard loading the OS

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You got it John the drawer opens out to the left and hits the 2HDDs.

The monitor on the left is just hanging on a nail for setup JediTim.


Boy those Canadians are smart ah!

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The quality of the pictures are so bad I couldn't tell what was connected or not connected. Can't believe Diehard could see the DVD player was in backwards.

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Your right ImTheTypeOfGuy it's not the best

John has obviously been eating his carrots. This is the best pic I have without taking another picture. The old IDE drive probably threw you off as well. You can see the cable and power going in on the right side.


Ridiculous machine but it works like a charm.

-Old mini-itx

-Celeron D :wacko:

-Old 400W PSU

-8 matching 250gb WD HDD

-2GB ram (thats max for the MB :()


Its great because I'm a set it and forget it guy.


So much so that next job is moving over from a old win 2000 server with a intel MB from the mid 90s running a Intel Pentium II 300 MHz slot CPU and 4 - 40gb raided drives. It currently runs sometimes up to about 3-4 months without a reboot.


I should take some picks before it goes to the graveyard.


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