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My Networking Nightmare


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I would run an ethernet cable from the Dir-625 directly to the 8 port switch. That would provide DHCP for all devices connected to the network. Keep the Vonage setup the same, that way the phone would still work.

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Hi Garnh,
That would work, the only problem is that the Switch is in the Living Room where the XBox and BluRay player are, and everything else is in a closet, with a phone cable running through the wall from the WRTP54G and connecting to the actual phone.
The ideal thing would be to make the WRTP54G work just as a switch, but with VOIP capability, and that's what I'm struggling with.


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Hi usacomp2k3,
Vonage does work (as a bridge, but not the phone part) if connected through an ethernet port (not the internet port). And the phone works if connected through the internet port (with an static IP assigned).
So, as of now I can't get both to work, it's either one or the other.

I saw you suggested this 8-port gigabit switch in another post for a different situation, and I thought it was a good option. I found the same product on Amazon for the same price after the rebate.
I know this will definitely work and it might be the easiest way out. It just bothers me that I'm pretty sure there's a way to get these 2 devices to work together and I just can't figure out how.

I might just get the switch and have a more elegant (not expensive) solution to the problem, and in the end I'll end up with about 6 additional ports for future use.

Thanks for the suggestion and I'll let you know what I decide.

In the mean time, I'm still accepting other suggestions.

Thanks everyone.

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I guess I don't fully understand how the vonage works. Does it not assign itself an IP address via DHCP? I don't know why the Vonage people wanted you to assign a static IP.

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It actually does assign itself an IP, and I even had setup IP Reservation ( through the DIR-625.
It seems that the Linksys WRTP54G (Vonage adatper) does not "like" to be the secondary router in a network.

I didn't get why they had me assign an static IP either. Right now I can't log on to the Vonage device by typing in the browser. I can't even ping it.

It seems to me that the problem is caused by connecting it through its Internet Port to the DIR-625. But according to Vonage this is the only way to get the phone to work (which by the way I don't believe).

I will try and call them again tomorrow, maybe speaking to a different person might do it.

Thanks again, and I'll keep you guys posted.

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It assigns itself an IP when connected through one of its ethernet ports, but not the way the Vonage technician had me do it (connecting it to the internet port). They way they wanted me to do, it has an static IP.
I cannot see the IP from the router.

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If you plug in a laptop or a PC to the Linksys switch and assign it an ip of say.. can you see if you can ping

Oh hell never mind i see what is going on...question can you change the IP of the Phone??

IF so then turn on DHCP on WRT54G and set the IP for the WRT54G to, and get the phone to be on a 192.168.10.x number. This can get really ugly since you will need to run DNS of some sort to tell the PCs on this network where you WHS is.

It is either that or the WRT54G must be able to relay the DHCP protocol to its network. You might also try to see if you can tell it to forward port 67 and 68

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