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Review of SilverStone TJ08-E Micro-ATX Chassis


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I sure like the two SG05 I have. This one looks very appealing to me as I happen to be in the market for a smaller tower to replace an old cooler master case. Thanks for the link John.

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There is a new PQ-25 model on Lilian Li web site supporting up to 7 3.5 IN drives. Suggested prise is 149 USD.

We are getting more and more options to chose from...

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There is a new PQ-25 model on Lilian Li web site supporting up to 7 3.5 IN drives. Suggested prise is 149 USD.

We are getting more and more options to chose from...


It even has a "removieable hard drive rrak"! I'm not sure what a rrak is, but anything removie-able should be good for a WHS, right?

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Guest no-control

This would make for a sweet gaming rig. Not sure on the review though they make it sound like the reverse mobo idea was some new out of the box idea. Lian Li has been doing it for years. I wouldn't use it for a storage server though. Better cases out there for the money (fractal?)


@Timekills - rrak is obviously misspelled to do the trouble some Asian dialects have with English (engrish?) Obviously they meant Iraq...and anytime you can remove Iraq from the case its a good thing.


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I looked at the PQ-25 for my new desktop, but I just couldn't find a mini-ITX mobo with the features I wanted so I had to go with a micro-ATX instead. I wish mini-ITX boards had more connectors. Oh well, I can dream, can't I ??

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