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Using Hitachi Deskstar 3TB Drives with WHS2011 on 4 Yr Old Dell XPS 410


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Good afternoon, all.


I am re-positioning my four year old Dell XPS 410 tower (4 megs memory, dual core Intel processor) with a new Hitachi Deskstar 3T internal hard drive.


I've installed the drive in the Dell, for the moment as the only drive on the system, and installed WHS2011 and run Windows Update to bring the operating system to current levels. I also installed IE9.


While installing WHS2011 the OS reported only one drive on the system, of 768M capacity.


Hitachi offers a utility that allows the full disk to be recognized on Windows OSs. That utility is at http://www.paragon-software.com/hitachi/index.html but that page also warns: The Hitachi GPT Disk Manager for Hitachi Deskstar 3.5" internal hard drives does not support RAID configurations and the resulting hard disk drive cannot be used as a boot drive.


My plan has been to use two of these 3T drives in the tower, but now it appears that neither can be configured to be recognized by WHS2011.


So, can I use two of these 3T drives in my box as the only installed drives? How do I get them recognized and configured, with one of them being the boot drive? Is there something I'm missing, and can you help? Thanks in advance. miker

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From what I've read, To be able to use a 3TB drive as a boot drive, the motherboard must support UEFI which your 4yr old Dell does not, also the OS must support it. Only Windows 7 win do.


Also, currently not even WHS2011 can backup a PC whose primary OS drive is 3TB, it will backup a 3TB drive and restore it but not a 3TB OS drive, something gets messed up.


So your better off using a 2.5" for the OS in WHS2011 and add the 2 3TB to the pool. WHS2011 will format the drive with 2 partitions, 1 2TB and 1 768Gig. That's because if/when you choose to backup the drive, WHS2011 cannot backup a drive share larger that 2TB. You can use Disk Management to format the whole drive as 1 3TB GPT partition but then you will not be able to backup that drive.

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You can use Disk Management to format the whole drive as 1 3TB GPT partition but then you will not be able to backup that drive.

But you could RoboCopy data from the 3TB drive to a backup drive, correct?

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