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My Movies 4 "Series or not to Series"

Greg Welch

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In all seriousness I'm learning a lot from welchwerks trials. As I've said in other posts I've migrated to SageTV while waiting for the HDHR prime to arrive because I'm in a poor OTA recetion area and Time Warner cable likes to use more than 3 digits on it's channel extensions (i.e. 1200.12345) Windows Media Center 7 only allows up to 3 digit extensions so I lose more than half my channels using it. SageTV has a phenomenal commercial skipping plugin designed by the community which is free, one click to set up, and works across all my HTPCs and PCs simultaneously. So I'm out of touch with Show Analyzer (SA) but I am setting it up across my virtual HTPC clients again now that the Prime is coming (on Tuesday, supposedly).


I'm still having an issue with the main HTPC automatically checking for commercials. My non-virtual HTPC where I'm doing the SA testing has a 60GB SSD and 1.5 TB data drive. The data drive is used for tv recording, but WHS 2011 is set to automatically archive the recordings. I have both locations set to analyze commercials through DVR-MST, with the files saved to my commercials folder in the Public folder on my WHS. I think it is messing up by trying to analyze them prior to archive, and then when they are moved it doesn't work, but you'd think it would try to re-analyze them after moving.

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now now... this truely has been a give and take , so thank you all :)


using SA with DVRMS on the VM and DTBA Add-in on the HTPC that i want to skip and watch the show on is working great although i will need to tweak SA. it likes to miss the 3rd commercial on rizzoli and isles, " i know dont laugh "


" hoping to make it on BYOB podcast 1 week from monday to go over my system ill try and spend some time on the commercial skipping"

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