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My Movies 4 "Series or not to Series"

Greg Welch

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Ok try and help me solve this one guys and gals ? :wacko:



1. I record my tv shows on my HTPC (the o.s. is on ocz vertex 2 -50 and Tv recordings land on a 500 gig hardrive till moved to server folder at midnight) streams back Fantastic!!!!


ok now, all shows are moved to whs 2011 recorded tv folder. how do you guys automate the move of tv series shows that you want added to the tv servies view?


2.Has anyone been able to get commercial skipping to work on vm and to stream to HTPC (using Andys DVRMST and Dragon Show Analyser)


i have not,


my thoughts now are to use the same programs to actually cut the commercials, that way you are streaming a recompiled tv show. but if settings arent

perfect you cut into your show, and i'm not even lucky enough to have the skipping work any better that ok


(ok this how i have it setup, DVRMST and Analyser are in a W7 VM looking at the WHS 2011 Recorded tv folder the information generated from the show analyser is in

the folder as i set it up to be but the htpc basicaly only streams the original show not seeing the analyzation) wow hope that made sense?


O.K. a few caviots. 1. ALL media to be stored on server , no local content


2. i do not want to convert WTV to anything unless its automated



3. How do you have yours setup ?

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I have DVRMST and ShowAnalyzer running on the virtual HTPC. They save the commercial data to my WHS public folder, which is readable by everybody. There are a couple key settings in both DVRMS toolbox and ShowAnalyzer that have to be set to ge it to work, which I will try and post, but if you do a search for the settings online just ensure that wherever you choose to save your commercial (XML, etc) files it is readable by both the HTPC and WHS.


My original intent on putting the commercial files in the public folder on the server was the hope that all HTPCs could read those files and would not have to do analysis on the TV shows in order to get commercial skipping. That has not worked, yet, but I haven't given up hope.

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Ben Drawbaugh of Engadget, has a how to article on how to tweak show analyser to prevent it from cutting into the show. Give it a look and you can correct that problem.

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1. Tried DVRMST with DTB it out put xml's but still only streamed tv show no skipping


2. Currently trying DVRMST with Showanalyser quit sure ill get the xml's again


so i will need to focus on DVRMST seeing the xml along with the tv show


read andys install guide for 1. above so i believe i have the basic settings correct.


i may have to jump over to missing remote and chat with him in the forums

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O.K. time to ask @timekills for a review of your settings.




1. tv shows get recorded on livingroom HTPC's hardrive and moved to WHS 2011 recorded tv folder by media center around midnight



DVRMS settings;



2. xmls are saved on the vm running DVRMS in C:\Users\Public\DvrmsToolbox\CommercialsXml


3. File watcher tab --watched directory is WHS 2011 Recorded TV , wtv is in watched Ext and Video types / job path is set to C:\Users\Public\DvrmsToolbox\FWJobs on VM


4. MC addin tab -- skip commerccials is checked


5. Commercial skip tab -- auto skip is selected


7. processing tab --delay processing is set to FindCommercials and detection profile is set to find commercials in DVR-MS


8. DVRMS Toolbox tab -- prefered Analyser is set to automatic and defualt priority is set to above normal ( this vm is only for commercial removal )



Show Analyzer


show analyzer is set to not run analyzer

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O.K. im a little closer.




O.K. i catching on..

so if i am running DVRMS and SA on my VM and it is sending the XML files to a folder in Recorded TV called commercialXML on WHS 2011 that folder is shared with the remote HTPC/Extender.

then on the HTPC do i need to have DVRMS installed or SA or nothing to enable the skipping, to clarify.. what is using the xml on the remote HTPC

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O.K. Got it...


On a W7 Ult. VM running DVRMS and Show Analyzer


DVRMS setting are:


prefered analyzer set to = automatic

File watcher = set to watch recorded TV folder \\ServerName\Recorded_TV

commercial skip path set to + a folder named \\ServerName\Recorded_TV\CommercialXML CommercialXML ---'that i created in the WHS 2011 Recorded TV folder"---


Show Analyser:


under settings,


Scheduler = i enabled Directory watcher then a little lower i identified the TV directory to watch

Output tab = set the where to the folder on server \\Servername\CommercialXML just above that i set it to "LIVE" and everything else below to "NEVER"

On Queue tab = started directory watcher and at the bottom of that area i ran Analyze now



Now on the Client that i wanted to watch the commercial skipping shows on :


i ran DTB http://babgvant.com/files/folders/dvrmstoolbox/entry20437.aspx


Andy did mention you could just run DTB add in. which i may try just to reduce total volume size with





prefered Analyzer = to be Showanalyzer


output directory = \\servername\recordedTv\commercialXML

file watcher = \\servername\recorded_tv\




my client HTPC for this has a OCZ 50GB SSD OS and a 500GB Drive for recorded TV till being moved to server at midnight by WMC " i will probably make it direct to server but its a nice backup plan when i take server offline " very cool since i havent had this working when i switched the whole house to 64bit and windows 7 :)



Make sure all folder are shared,


I'm sure i will still have to fine tune some of the shows "skip points" but this is at least doing all the CPU intensive work on the VM and not on my HTPC while im watching a show


at some point ill share my ceton tuners with the VM and do the recording on it as well or try a silicon dust network tuner at some point :)

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nice job timekills. You managed to fix the issue without even a single post :D j/k


Seriously welchwerks, nice work. Thanks for posting. I don't record any TV shows anymore, but that could change so this would be useful.

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