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HP TouchPad FireSale Deal Thread

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I hope this is wrong. The hardware was not the strength of the TouchPad. How about the WebOS on other HP devices? Now that would be genius.


Occupy HP. That is the real movement that should be started.


They are so dead to me.

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I disagree Jim. The hardware was the best thing it had to offer as it was on par with the other products out there and even better than some (dual core versus single core, more ram, etc). To me the problem is the OS itself. It must be very heavy as it is very slow. Yes there are parts of it I like (closing apps) but it is so slow it s painful. Come to think of it, the only thing I like may be how you close apps.




IMO, the only way they could be successful is if they went with W8. There are millions of people that know and like MS products. Very few know or have heard of webOS, outside of the technology geek circles. If you were not a techno geek and were looking to buy a tablet would you go with something called webOS or windows?

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You really need 3 pcs of the puzzle to make a successful product. You need good hardware, good OS implementation, and good support (apps, marketplace, media, developers, etc. and an easy way to get to it). The Touchpad as many other devices hit only 1-1.5 of these points and wonder why they fail. Almost every tablet to date has fallen on its face for the same reason. The Touchpad hardware was decent, they released an incomplete OS that should have never gone out, with absolutely no support or infrastructure at initially the same price range as a complete solution. The Kindle fire is in no way a competitor to the iPad but it is a great product for a entirely different market segment. It has OK (a bit anemic) hardware, decent OS (thank to the Amazon enhancements), (argualby one of the best infrastructures around) that people can actually use for under $200. Sine you have to target the users, (not enthusiasts) a product like the FIre will succeed and be successful because it is a turn key solution and provides easy access to content. The Touchpad, Playbook, Galaxy tab all have one maybe two of what is needed and will just go by the wayside until they have all 3 and realize that no matter how great the hardware is, it is useless unless you can exploit it. The moral of the story is that the hardware is a very small part of the solution and companies not supplying a total solution will not succeed.

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Guest no-control

I honestly have to disagree on several points. WebOS is a very viable and great OS, just not for consumers. For corporate and vertical its perfect. Easy to integrate and modfy (HTML5!). Almost every consultant and IT firm I've spoke with concurs that it was the best OS for business use.


As for iPad2 competition. I also disagree. While the iPAD2 has really nice hardware its still crippled by iOS, in fact worse with iOS5. Battery life has gone down the toilet since my "upgrade". I still feel that for a tablet Android currently is the best OS....WHERE implemented PROPERLY. After playing with several for a few weeks. I still think both the Tranformer and 10.1 are better than the iPAD2. As for the market, meh its a push. While iStore or whatever has more apps (you don't need that many) and a better storefront. the redesigned market is a bit better. I also find more free useful apps (read not crippled just ad supported) in android market. In several cases the same app is actually cheaper. For productivity Google wins hands down over the iPad. I'm sorry iWork sucks, flat out.


Whats killing Android is market fragmentation. While honeycomb isn't too pad for tablets quite a few are still running Gingerbread, unacceptable. And not all tablets are running the same version of HC, also unacceptable. I like my iPAD I'm not ZOMG APPLE!!!!111WTFBQQQ!!1111 over it. I think apple's big mistake is thinking the iPAD is just a big iPhone.


Where I think both of these are going to fail is where W8 nails it. for feature OS that actually works really well in a touch interface. Of all the Phone OS's out there WP7 is hands down the best to use on a daily basis. Its just unfortunate that that it is crippled by Partners lack of investment into it. All the current hardware blows for WP7 compared to other current market offerings.


(MODS) If this is going to continue as a discussion thread (it should, its good) it should be moved to the mobile sub forums. With so many I can see how this has been missed :rolleyes:



iPAD2 = dont believe the hype

WebOS = Excellent OS for businesses

Android tablets = 2 are better than iPad

WP7 = best phone, hardware is weak at best

W8 = we'll see

Edited by no-control

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Well I am glad that we all agree then!

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