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HP TouchPad FireSale Deal Thread

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This link worked. Got the transaction to process, patiently, for the 32GB sizes. Thanks for the link!


You're lucky. I have been trying since last night and their site keeps crashing on me.

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I ordered one from ecost.com this morning and the order went through, but now the site looks borked..

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So if HP is going to be the only one selling these, do you think the sales link will come back anytime soon? You think they are reconsidering their pricing? I am holding on to my review unit for the next two weeks and will continue to dialogue with those who have purchased them and receive them. If you would like to follow along...http://theaverageguy.tv


I'm sure it will come up on show 149.

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I think it's harder and harder to predict what is happening with the Touchpads. 1st you had Best Buy clearly stating they were not selling them and returning them all to HP. Then of course, by the end of business day 8/20 they reversed course, but rumors are they sold most of them to their employees. You then had Amazon stating they would not price match, then stopped selling them, and in the end they too reversed course and started selling them at the discounted price. The list of retailers who have done an about face is much longer than the list of retailers who simply just sold them from the start at 99.99. Staples, OD, OM, BB, Amazon, Costco, Sams Club.......have all reversed course. It's clear communication was delayed on HP's part as to what was happening with the Touchpads. Then add that the sale didn't start officially until 8/20 yet people like myself, were able to order them from HP's education portal on 8/19 before the sale started. I didn't even know the sale hadn't started, I just saw a post on slickdeals and placed my order. In the frantic rush to buy one quickly, I typed my billing address wrong and my order was denied. I called CS and she fixed it and said am I sure I only want 2. I replied yah, why, she explained she had over 100 people on hold waiting to buy them and if I wanted more I better get them now. She said I could buy up to 21 if I wanted. I only bought 2.


Personally if I was still looking for one, I would call HP and see if they will put you on a waiting list. Otherwise start calling your retail chains. I stopped following the slickdeals/fatwallet thread last night but Amazon was a good place to start last I heard. But again, all this changes 10 seconds after I hit post.


In the Wiki section of Slickdeals you will find that developers are already committed to porting android 2.2/3 over to the touchpad and if 3.0 releases soon, 3.0 instead. This will give you a really nice dual core android tablet and 50gb lifetime (of box.net) cloud storage for 100.00 bucks. Not a bad deal at all.

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So when does a Fire Sale go too far?



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Hmm, I'd say just a little further then it has officially gone too far. Amazon sellers are pretty notorious for price mistakes, I wonder if the seller Max Sale meant to type 496.00 and 399.00. If not, good for them if someone buys them for the listed price. Hopefully everyone knows Amazon doesn't officially price match anything except TVs. But for whatever reason, they are on the Touchpads. Now of course I'm sure they can change their mind anytime they want.

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SOLD OUT as of 0125 EDST

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