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Driver Updates in VirtualBox

Don W

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I am just getting started in virtualizing WHS and am wondering if I still need to update drivers for my motherboard and other stuff???

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If you're talking about updating drivers on the host, then yes. The guest OS, for the most part, won't see the hardware as the actual hardware but as a virtualized version of it; i.e. the NIC on your motherboard is likely a Realtek but using V.Box the guest OS will see an Intel NIC (there are a couple different types it emulates.) The sound will be a SoundBlaster regardless of the real motherboard hardware, etc.


Normally the drivers are already part of the OS, at least anything XP or more recent, so the emulated hardware just works. One of the reason virtual OS's are so convenient, although at the same time limited. The biggest example of this is video cards; regardless of how powerful your video card is, the virtualized version will be just enough to display 2D (i.e. desktop) graphics.


I say the most part, because there are some attempts at passing through hardware so the guest OS actually sees the hardware in it's "real" form which would require a driver install. But I wouldn't worry about that to start. Graphics cards, attached USB devices, and PCI cards are where the work is being done.

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