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Adding WD My Book Studio Edition II to MediaSmart EX475


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As will soon become apparent by the below experience/questions, I'm a relative novice. Any help would be appreciated.

I decided to add more storage to my EX475 (all internal bays are full). I bought a 4TB WD My Book Studio Edition II (formatted for Mac by default).
1. I brought it home, plugged it into my EX475 via eSATA, and it brought the EX475 down (no connectivity). The light on the front with the zig-zag line kept flashing on/off, and sometimes would flash from blue to purple. All the while this drive was plugged in, my EX475 was offline (couldn't remote desktop to it, or access via console. The connector icon was grey on all my PCs)
2. I plugged the drive into another PC via USB and formatted it (aside from the "ESI" partition) to NTFS, leaving me w/ 3.8TB free. I was able to see the drive and it had a letter assigned (D:, in case it matters)
3. Thinking it was because of a lack of NTFS, I re-plugged the now NTFS-formatted drive into my EX475 via eSATA and got the same result as in #1 above.
4. I connected the drive to the EX475 via USB 2.0 and my EX475 seemed to welcome it with open arms and has allowed me to Add it to my existing storage (the way that I'd like to use it).

Now for my ultimate question:
I think I'd still like to connect this drive via eSATA (from what I read, it should be faster data transfer speed). Can I unplug the USB connection and re-connect it via eSATA cable without damaging my system or having #1 above happen again?

Any help, thoughts, guidance, or clues would be greatly appreciated!

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FYI, eSATA hot-plug functionality is only supported when the machine's BIOS is set to SATA modes AHCI or RAID. If SATA mode is IDE, then hot-plug won't work - you'll need to power-up/-down the machine.

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Thank you VERY much!!...so to confirm: it "should" work if I:
1. Power down the EX475
2. Power down the drive
3. Unplug the USB cable from EX475 and Drive
4. Connect the EX475 and drive via eSATA
5. Power up drive and then EX475

In this way, the settings that WHS made to add this drive to storage will be preserved, correct?

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Well when I plug in the My Book using the eSATA cable, the EX475 "freaks out" (as in #1 of my initial post), so I am not even able to see the EX475. Unfortunately, none of my other PCs have eSATA ports to test it on another computer. I guess I can only return it to the store and perhaps try another storage unit...perhaps its better to basically get an enclosure with an eSATA port along with off-the shelf drives.

Thanks again for your replies!

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> Well when I plug in the My Book using the eSATA cable, the EX475 "freaks out" (as in #1 of my initial post), so I am not even able to see the EX475

In previous step, the power-down,insert eSATA, power-up - you didn't say that gave berserked EX475. You just said "... didn't work."

OK, one more thing... Look here - WD says specifically that they don't support Marvell's eSATA controller for WD My Book Premium ES or WD My Book Studio and it seems that EX475 uses Marvell 88SE6111. Perhaps it's worth investigating.

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