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To Upgrade from AMD 5050e or Not


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Hi Guys,


Have been a relatively long time listener of BYOB and The Home server Show but never really posted, so hello to everybody.


I have been playing with servers in my house for a while now and currently have a whs 2011 using a gigabyte 785G board with an AMD 5050e processor and 6Gb of RAM.


I have about 13Terabytes of disk space (7 HDDs) and am using VMWare for a virtual machine for downloading and testing. The server is used for backing up various computers in the house as well as install programs. The backups are done using allways synch when a client computer is started and stopped. However, the majority of space is consumed with DVD and Bluray rips.


I stream the movies to a HTPC (core i3) and use TMT 5 for bluray playback and MCE for DVD playback.


Generally no problems with the server and it runs well although slowly.


During Bluray playback I sometimes get a bit of stuttering but generally when playing it is OK. However, if I rewind the movie during playback, a lot of times the sound is out of synch with the video and takes some time for one to catch up with the other. Could this be a possible problem with the server???


Power is getting to be expensive here in Australia so energy efficiency is also something that I take into consideration.


Budget is a bit of a problem, but could get some funds from the minister of finance I am sure :-).


The setup that I am thinking of is a core i3 2100 running on a H67MA Gigabyte M/B. Same as PC Doc (I think) The upgrade would not be too expensive a I have everything apart from the Motherboard, processor and RAM.


Guys, now for the questions:


1. Would I see a big performance gain with the core i3 setup?

2. Is the AMD 5050e setup enough to run a whs2011 successfully with streaming/serving to a HTPC?

3. Would the core i3 be any more or less energy efficient than the 5050e?


Many thanks for the hopeful replies.




Krys S

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The Core i3 2100 would be an excellent choice, IMO, and as far as power, the i3 chips are noted for their low power consumption. I know it can handle the job as was discussed on this weeks BYOB podcast. TimeKills is using an i3 in a virtual environment so processing power will not be an issue.


Watch the forums for deals....otherwise known as the BYOB guys are testing and upgrading :)

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My WHS 2011 system has an AMD 5050e. It has no problems* about streaming media content (up to Blu-ray ISO files) to my HTPC and other systems on the home network. Note that I'm not doing any real-time transcoding, just file streaming.


* Perhaps I should qualify this by saying that I'm not convinced that TMT5 has had all the kinks ironed out yet. TMT3 was rock solid, but TMT5 occasionally gives video/audio lag problems. I need to pause the Blu-ray and then unpause to clear it if it happens. This will happen even if the Blu-ray disc is being played on the HTPC directly.

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