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SSD for HTPC Sata II or III


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I am in the market of buying my first SSD drive. I have seen 64gb sata II and III drives around the 80 to 120 dollar mark. Would I see a big difference in my HTPC if I went with an Sata III and not the Sata II?


My current HTPC specs


AMD Athlon II X2 240 2.80


4GB Ram DDR2 800

ATI Redeon HD 5670 GPU

Win 7 ultimate 64bit 80gb sata

300gb ide for tv recording




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SATA 3 is twice as fast so you would definitely see a difference. Maybe not in playing a movie but on boot times, loading MC, etc.

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Your board does support sata 3 so you will not see any difference at all. For an HTPC go with a Vertex 2 for your system and you will not be disappointed and you will save some money.

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