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Non-Add-In Programs on WHS


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I want to get the thread started that we discussed on show 75. To recap, we spend a lot of time on the show focusing on the category of WHS add-ins. These certainly have their place but many of us tend to use other programs directly on the server in addition to installing add-ins.

The main reason for this is that while there is some development of new add-ins, their production certainly is not keeping pace with ambitions to consolidate our digital lives on our servers.

In this thread, I would like to see two things:

1) What non-add-in programs do you run on your WHS?

2) What precautions do we need to take to safely run non-approved programs on our servers?

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1) Programs
Wuala - social could storage
Picasa - syncing photos to web album (cloud storage)
Live Mesh - remote access and file syncing
Crash Plan (Not currently running)

2) Precautions
Avoid running programs that have high CPU or bandwidth usage as they may slow down your home network
Avoid programs that point directly at the D:\ drive but rather try to use the network shares
Remember that you are giving these programs direct access to your server so be careful

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I use Revo Uninstaller to cleanly remove any apps I might have installer, however I uninstall addins thru the Console.

I have CCleaner installed. I would suggest that you DON'T clear the free space on the pooled drives using the clear zero option. that will mess things up. but for the C: and non pooled drives, it's fine.

I have Belarc installed, no problems.

Sharepoint is installed.




Windows Media Center 2005

Active Directory, Windows Deployment Services, DHCP. these are all hacked in.

Subsonic for Windows.


That's it for now. I have this all running on a stock EX490. I'm looking around for a good deal on a replacement CPU.

John (homeservershow).

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Wuala w/ Java, uTorrent, Filezilla FTP Server, Murmur/Mumble Server, SQL Express 2008, Peerblock, Yammm media manager, SCRU unrar'r, hMailserver, IIS, and finally cygwin w/ irssi.

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Mine is a home build with an AMD64 processor and 3 gigs of memory. It's based on a fairly old machine, but runs everything fine. I am all about patience with my server. If it takes awhile to complete a task, I don't care.

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