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Podcast 147 - Great Show


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I just finished listening to the Home Server Show 147 and loved the questions about RAID. Mike, great explaining about RAID. We talked before about RAID and you gave me a great education. Your tutorial about setting up RAID 5 with a Highpoint card movated me to setup RAID 5 on my WHS. I am happy with my RAID 5 setup.


Keep up the good work everyone.

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I'll do my first post so I can ask: do you guys really this raid is a better alternative to drive extender?

Think of this on hardware and software levels:




Personally, I want to move to Storage Server 2008 Essentials R2 (why 2008, Microsoft?!!) for software reasons: I can keep my Server R2 domain and join it, so all my active directory preferences and accounts will just work. And for the recovery backup from PXE (I don't use a ODD on my main system).

I'm waiting for the driver extender alternatives, and if not good enough I will just use my normal server and forget about this OS.


But on the hardware: let’s say that I bought 3 or 4 2TB drivers. Will I, in 3 or 4 years, think this is enough? And if not, what now? Not a rhetorical question: what can I do if I want to add more space, and all my sata ports are used and I'm on RAID?




I remember when first heard about this OS on Windows Weekly, and then readed this post: The biggest innovation in WHS is the way it handles storage: You can very easily add and remove storage from a home server, and never need to deal with drive letters or arcane Windows file sharing issues..

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