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HP released update to their mediasmart iPhone/iPod app


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Hp updated the mediasmart iPhone/iPod touch app.

I don't have a list of all the updates. I do see that you can now email photos from the iPhone. Also you can view music in coverflow. It did say that there were some other optimizations.

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iStream 2.0.50 Changes and New features:

Performance improvements:
A more responsive user interface when starting large videos, improved music streaming, and faster browsing through the lists of items on the server.

New languages:
- Spanish
- Japanese

Music + Videos + Photos:
- Search: Search for an item by name within any list under Music, Videos or Photos. Click the search button (magnifying glass in the lower left area) and type the characters contained in the item you're looking for.

- Send up photos via email.
? Instructions: Under Photos, go to a list view or view an individual photo. Then click on the action button (circle with arrow) on the lower left. Select the action sheet menu item "Send Photo".
? Limitations: up to 5 photo attachments per email; the size of the photo attachments has to be less than 9 MB. The attached photos will be resized to 1024 pixel for the longest side if they are bigger than that.
? Requirements: Email account needs to be setup on the device.

- Cover flow mode when viewing a list of albums or playing a song; to activate turn device into landscape mode.

- Video playback issues with iPhone OS 3.0 or higher were fixed; video playback performance has been improved.
Here is the list of updates:

- Video playback is not allowed when connected via cellular networks to reduce bandwidth requirements; Video playback over Wi-Fi is still allowed.

- Videos are filtered to show only videos converted with mq[2] or Mobile[3] Video Converter profile.

[2] = if connected to a HP MediaSmart Servers running software version 2.5
[3] = if connected to a HP MediaSmart Servers running software version 3.0

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thanks nippyjun,

I'm happy to hear that this is out. I found the original a bit weak. I hope this one is better. I have been using AirVideo with positive results.

I have the EX490 and selected the iphone preset for my itouch conversion sequence for the istream app. I used the 480x320. The folders do show up on my itouch however the files do not. I'm not sure why.

John (homeservershow).

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I too can see my folders but not the files. This happened with the previous version but then it started working and i don't know what it did to get it to work. I'll have to play around with it.


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