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I hope that one of you can help me. I am having a lot of trouble getting Ctrix Xenserver to work for me. Spcifically, I can not get this machine to see anything on my network, or get anything on the network to see it.


I built the machine and installed XenServer 5.6 sucessfully. When it booted it pulled an IP address from my router which was displayed on the console screen. I was able to go to that address and install XenCenter onto my laptop from that address. With this I was then able to connect with the server and look around for a while.


The next time that I tried to do anythign with this server I was not able to connect. I have been working on this now for the past week or more and still am not able to get it work. What I have been seeing is that for some reason this machine is not able to pull an IP address all the time. Sometimes it will boot and seems to get an address and sometimes it will boot and not pull an address. When it does seem to get an address (it will show an address on the screen) I can go into the network configration and test by attempting to ping the gateway but it always fails. I can not ping anything except the loopback.


I have tried to set a static addess which it will take, but again can not ping anything but the loopback.


I have also tried to ping it from my laptop but I always get a responce from the laptop that saiys "Destination Host unreachable". I have also tried to ping the server from my desktop with the same result. I am able to sucessfully ping everything else on my network (about 5 or 6 nodes) from both of these machines so I beleive that my network is set up correctly.


I have also booted this machine from a Ubuntu USB drive to see if the hardware is working and to ensure that it is correctly connected to the network. From Ubuntu I am able to get out and browse the internet and I am able to successfully ping in both directions, so as best I can tell I have this built correctly.


Has anyone else seen this problem? Is there something that I am supposed to be configuring or setting up on the server to resolve this problem? Am I supposed to be doing something on my router to ensure that it sends traffic to it (I wouldn't think so since I don't need to for anything else)?


Any help that you can provide to me would be appreciated. I have looked around on the Citrix forums and was not able to find anything that addresses this problem.



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One other thing that I have noticed. If I do a continuous ping from my laptop to the server I get several "Destination Host Unreachable", then I will get a few responses, and then several timeouts. The timeout change back to "Destimation Host Unreachable" and it will loop around like that every few minutes.


So, it seems that for some reason the server is connecting and disconnecting itself from the network. Can anyone tell me why and how I can get it to stay connected?

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I was able to resolve this problem. I downloaded the newer XenServer 5.6 SP2 which seems to be working correctly.


I have a new issue that I hope someone can help with. How do I use a local hard drive for storage or to install a VM on it? I tried to set up a virtual WHS V1 on this machine but there is no storage available. I tried to create storage but don't see any option for using a local drive. So far I have not found how to o that on the Citrix support web site.


I need to get this to work so that I can move my WHS to this machine and then I plan to use the old WHS box to build an OpenFiler storage box with will be used by the XenServer via iSCSI for storage. Does that sound like a good plan?


thanks for your help.

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