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I have 7 clients on my home server. They used to be a mix of XP and Vista, but I have now converted them all to Windows 7. For each machine that I convert to Windows 7, I have to create a new client, which means that I now have 4 machines that are not backed up.

I never plan to restore the old XP and Vista images, but I want to keep the backups in case there is a file somewhere that I forgot to transfer to the new Windows 7 machine.

Ideally I would like to say to WHS to keep the last XP/Vista backup and then 'reuse' the same client ID/name for Windows 7, which is running on the same hardware. However, I have not found a way to do that. WHS will create a new client for the same PC when I upgrade to Windows 7.

Anybody knows a way around that?

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The other thing to do is consider doing a restore of each of the computers, and then dumping the entire contents of the drive to a .zip file or something like that. You said you were only interested in the files, and not a full system restore, right?

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I'm unclear on BDBB restore. I'm under the impression that when you restore the backup to the server it would overwrite the backup data base that is present. As such it would wipe the current backup database. Could you set me straight?

I had the same idea. Just open up the data base of each PC and copy the files then zip them up. Seems like a simple easy way to do it.


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