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New WHS 2011 user!


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I recently bought a copy of WHS 2011 for £45 from Amazon and have built my first WHS server. Its a nice mini ITX case with Intel Sandybridge Core i3 2100T processor, 4GB of RAM and 4 x 2TB WD Green hard drives configured for RAID 10. Overall I'm very pleased with my setup and have just migrated all my Blu-Ray/DVD and music files from my W7MCE to WHS. The media center now runs the ripped blu-ray and DVD movies off the shared files perfectly.


One of the best things about WHS 2011 for me is the remote access. I can stream the movies over the web by navigating through the blu-ray folder structure and double clicking the M2TS file. However this is a bit messy especially when there are multiple M2TS files in the play list. I'm curious as to how you stream your movies? Do you encode them into a single MP4, WMV etc file? What do you use for your metadata? I use Yaam on my MCE but it hasn't been updated for a while. I find My Movies to be bloated but how is the WHS version?



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If you are going to watch the livesteam video, you might want to forward about 5 minutes into the clip. I never got around to editing the video. The Subsonic discussion is the first 45 minutes of the podcast.

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