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Leading from Newb: basic questions just wanted to flag for those who don't know about an excellent freeware PowerOff.

It acts both as a small Windows service/telnet-server and a client to allow remote procedure like standby, power-off, turn off monitor, etc. Purely as a client it can send WOL magic packets to wake up a sleeping/hibernating WHS machine.

In my case, it allows me and family to manually power-up/down WHS on-demand.

The program is a little old, however, as a client is runs perfectly on all Windows; as a service/telnet-server, I've only test on Windows 2000 and WHS.

[Obviously, things a different in USA, however, in the rest of the world where Carbon Trading Schemes are in place, energy (and resources in general, like drinkable water) is expensive or restricted. Having WHS running needlessly is unthinkable to me. Both my WHS and main browser boxes are ASRock ION (Atom)330 conforming to EnergyStar5.0 and EuP2.0, max 65W]

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