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My Movies works perfect on 7MC, xbox 360 says "cannot connect to server"


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Hope you guys can help me out... I've been all over My Movies forums and HSS forums and tried everything listed... still can't make teh xbox work for My Movies.

Here's what I have:

- HP Mediasmart Server EX485 with My Movies for WHS 1.51 installed
- All movies ripped to WHS with AnyDVD as VOB files
- My Movies 3.12 installed on 7MC computer
- xbox 360 setup as extender
- all components connected via wired network

What works:
- MM on 7MC works BEAUTIFULLY!!!!!!!!!!
- xbox 360 as extender works great for live TV, recorded TV, music
- xbox gives "cannot connect to server" message and then tells me to open Collection Management to correct when I select My Movies

What I've tried:
- grant guest account full permission on Video folder (on WHS, not 7MC)
- change setting under extender to transcode movies since VOB isn't a native format
- TRIED to grant Windows Media Center account full permissions on Video folder, but the WHS only finds HPSERVER\Windows Media Center user and I think it needs to find an account from 7MC or xbox

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Thanks, Rich

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Hey Rich,

On your media center, try opening collection management and click connect to server. Replace the name of your WHS to the IP address. See if that works. If guest account on WHS is enabled with Full permissions, that's the only other thing i can think of.


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It might be an issue of the extender not liking the multiple VOB files and the IFO and BUP files. You'll get better extender support converting to DVR-MS or WTV. There's a bunch of Info. if you Google "xbox 360 extender vob support" This article from Ian Dixon's blog might help: http://thedigitallifestyle.com/cs/blogs/ian/archive/2009/06/09/playing-ripped-dvds-on-media-center-extenders-without-conversion-or-playlists.aspx

Also try asking on HTBananas here: http://www.htbananas.com/. They're more focused on home theater/HTPC/Media Center

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Thanks, Dave. Tried those steps from the My Movies forum info... no luck.

Thank, krom. From everything I'm reading, My Movies 3.12 supports the on the fly transcoding of VOB files directly now, so I'm trying to avoid any conversion steps that adds to the hassle or the space the files take up. I'm heading over to Home Theater Bananas to see what I can find.

Thanks again, both of you.


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