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Thumbs-up for "Move Folders" ability; no remapping of shares after move


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Although the particular situation I used the Move Folders for was virtual OS based, the idea is helpful for anyone that needs to relocate their data to a new (larger?) drive but doesn't want to have to remap folders for the myriad of PCs on their LAN.


(*Warning* The following paragraph is virtual OS specific and not required reading but given just in case anyone wants the background. If you don't care, skip it! The important part is after this paragraph.)


I had built a number of VHDs (virtual hard drives - MS style) on my 8TB RAID5 in order to use those drives during migration between my WHSv1 and WHS2011. Once my WHS2011 was up and running, I just kept the seven VHDs attached to WHS2011, i.e. one 1TB Music drive, a couple 2 TB videos drives, a public drive, a software drive, etc. All was well and good, even though there was a speed hit using virtual drives instead of just giving the virtual WHS2011 direct access to the actual 8TB RAID5 drive. However, since I had used the majority of the 8TB drive in VHDs, I constantly got the error telling me I was low on space on that drive, even though the VHDs had plenty of space in them. So I knew the right answer was to give the virtual WHS 2011 direct access to the RAID5 drive.


(If none of that made any sense to you, don't worry about it - here is the important part :) )


I decided to migrate all the data off the RAID5 to another location, and then give my WHS2011 direct access to the whole drive. But I didn't want to lose my shares while I was doing this, nor did I want to have to remap all my family's shared folders across all their computers. Move Folders to the rescue! I simply added and additional hard drive large (or two..) large enough to hold the data, and moved the folders using the appropriately named Move Folders Wizard to the new hard drive(s). While I lost the ability to share the specific folder as it was moved, once each folder was completely moved to the new drive it was instantly re-shared and the location was transparent to the other PCs accessing that share. No re-mapping or reconfiguring of the other computers needed! High WAF there.


Just wanted to give a small thumbs-up to WHS 2011 in this regard.

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