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Windows 7 built-in Backup and Restore


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Windows 7 Home Premium built-in backup solution does not support network locations. You need Pro or better for that.


Solution: grab a currently unused W7 Pro upgrade key I had lying around and perform a Windows Anytime Upgrade on my Acer laptop. Short story, it all worked out. But the longer story is that Anytime Upgrade hung at one point. The process was at the point of downloading and installing 60 Windows updates, and after an hour or so, nothing more was happening. Hung! So knowing that I had just created a fresh WHS 2011 backup of the laptop, I held the power button until it powered down. I then rebooted, and the process continued. Phew, and nice. After more updates and more reboots, it was done.


"Control Panel > Backup and Restore > Create a system image" is the path I took to do this backup. You could also choose the 'Back up now' button but I believe that requires you to actually set up backup and restore with an actual location that is used each time on a schedule. I just wanted to do a one-off.

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Interesting. I have had a lot of trouble lately with the windows updates hanging when shutting down. Does anybody know how to clear out the failed attempts of upates that coutinue to fail when rebooting? Windows updates are driving me crazy.

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