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Launchpad - why don't you auto-minimize?

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HSS = Home Server Status


I'm using it. Have been for about a month. Works fine here. Still waiting to see if the author will get the backup status to indicate percent completed.

Wait until the next version (coming soon, I reckon)...

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Basically it is a replacement 2011 connector that has the same changing icon colors as V1. I also like that it provides easy access to Remote access, shared folders, backup and the dashboard by simply right mouse button clicking it. One other nice feature is if you double click its v1 icon, it will load the dashboard. HSS


Sorry for digging up an old post, but does anyone have the updated link for the HSS? I can't seem to find it on WGS, even trying the search on "HSS" or "Home Server Status".

I'm trying to find a way not to have the Launchpad always as an icon in my lower left Taskbar. Seems silly to have both in the lower left Taskbar and lower right Taskbar (notification icons).

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