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Server Folders and Hard Drives


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Today I was trying to set up a folder share to backup my Mac.

In the console under each tab all that displays it

"refreshing the list of items".


A search only lists a couple of articles listing a possible relationship

to Awieco Remote Launcher which I had recently uninstalled. Their solutions

didn't really help. Any one familiar with this problem?

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MyMovies and Awieco Remote Launcer. Only a few results come up when I search for this problem.


One relates to failed server backups, the other to the uninstall of Awieco. I started the server

backup and partway through the problem resolved, but returned again. The reinstall of Awieco

makes no difference, nor does the reboot of the server.

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I'm currently having this problem. Only addin installed is drive bender. Did you find any resolution?


Thanks for your time,



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In order to do what?

I thought the problem was obvious enough.


Anyway, seleting on the Server Folders or Hard Drives tab in WHS2011 Dashboard doesn't display any content. It just says "Refreshing the list of items..." and nothing else.


Rebooted a couple of times... same.


All server functions appears to be working, including network shared folders, client backups, etc., but no way to manage the shares in Dashboard. If I click on Add a folder, an error pops up:


Cannot add the folder

The server cannot get the information it needs to add the folder. Try restarting the server.... yada yada yada..

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When did this start happening?  Have you ever had access to the folders?


You need to describe the environment...how many drives, etc.

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Discovered that the Windows Server Storage Service wasn't starting even though it's set to automatic. Starting it or clicking on the "Fix this issue" (or something along those lines) temporarily fixed it. But after a reboot, the service still wouldn't start.


I worked around it by selecting Automatic (Delayed start). Seemed to have fixed it but I don't know what the ramifications are. Also, This could just be masking another problem.


I just noticed it this past couple of days so I don't know how long it has been like that.


I have Drive Bender running the latest version ( with 5 drives pooled. Other non-WHS specific apps running:


Air Video



Hard Disk Sentinel

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