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Passthrough disk on same drive as OS in VM?

Sorta Oldguy

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Built a server with 4 1.5TB drives using the Intel Raid on board to give me 2 2TB Volumes. After various trials to get used to running WHS2011 in a VM under Windows Server 2008R2 I think I have the hang of it mostly, but have run into a problem.


Since the board I am using only has 6 SATA ports and I've stretched the budget a bit to put together what I have, I decided to try installing Windows Server 2008 on one of the Raid Volumes in a 200GB partition to leave room for WHS, Win7 and whatever virtualized. This gives me one extra port for a drive with miscellaneous stuff, like the install ISO's plus another port for a hot swappable drive bay for backups. The Server 2008 install went OK after finding the answers to some gotchas (will post those later for others after I have all this working). If this is too confusing, I suppose I can upload a picture of the drive layout.


I then installed WHS2011 under Hyper-V. No real problem there. The problem is setting up drives for the WHS VM. It appears that to have a pass through disk you need to take the disk offline. I don't have a problem taking the unused raid volume offline and then attaching it to the WHS VM to use as a pass through drive with 2TB space. The trouble is that I have another 1.8TB left on the volume where I lopped off the 200GB for the OS installation. The only option appears to be to take the whole disk offline, which I suppose would screw up the running of Windows Server 2008.


Am I forced to create a VHD on the remaining space, assuming that is possible? Is there another way around this? If I want to use that RAID volume where I now have the OS partition as a pass through drive, do I have to install the OS's on a disk separate from the ones I intend to use as storage?



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Guest no-control

No you pretty much have it figured out. That is the limitation of that configuration.


You have no other options either VHD the remaining space then add it as a HDD to WHS. Other option is to use another disk for the host OS and VM's then pass through the drives.

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Thanks. I did a bit of checking on whether anyone had compared benchmarks for VHD's v. Passthrough. There were some old one's for an SQL server. Think I might waste some time doing that, although I suppose I have to go with the VHD option anyway.


I have to admit I was impressed with how relatively easy setting up Server 2008 and Hyper-V were, other than a couple of gotchs related more to the Intel Raid software than the Server itself.

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