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Remote access problem with WHS 2011


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Let me start by saying a big thankyou to you all for helping.


@timekills: do I need to do that in the cmd module? (going home now so will test straight away)


@pcdoc: erm I just set up remoteaccess using the wizard in the Dashboard so I guess UPnP. Defo didn't mess around with any ports (although after I noticed te problem I tried a DHCP fix within my router)

Again I'll try that manual port config when I get home but wouldn't it be set up fine since I can remote access with the HP mini?


Btw yes I'm doing all of this from within my LAN, have not tested it outside of LAN yet


And one more thing: I didn't know If my DHCP had worked so I did it a few times lol

Is Terence a way to check whether I have a static

Ip (and which one it is) from within the server's cmd module?



First off, you can not run remote access from inside you network using the WHS configuration. If you are using WHS, you will be routed externally using your xxxxx.homeserver.com. You are in essence testing it from outside. This is not a static IP issue but rather a DNS/port forwarding issue. What type of router are you using? We need more details on your router and network as there is where the problem most likely is. If you are using UpNP, there may be other devices trying to use the same ports. Specify the router type, and we can go from there and can tell you exactly where and what to input to make this work. UpNP is sort of a joke about 60% of the time and is not very reliable.

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Cheers pcdoc, I really appreciate the help. I'm in the UK using the Virgin media hub - I believe that it's a netgear but will have to check when I get back from work.


I just tried to log on remotely from work and I got the standard Internet explorer "cannot display webpage" error but I work in a bank so this could be due to their high level of security


I must say I'm starting to get confused :


1. I can access my home server via the dashboard application from both my gaming rig and the hp mini when I'm at home (within my LAN) by opening the dashboard icon from the desktop. (this is the dashboard that I downloaded on day 1 using the connect method in my internet browser.

2. I can access my home server by opening internet explorer only from the HP mini and not from the gaming rig. Here I'm referring to typing in https://servername.homeserver.com (all still from within my LAN, logging in, pressing "connect" next to the serve. This just opens the dashboard , exactly the same as 1. above.

3. I have just read this article (http://www.addictivetips.com/windows-tips/how-to-remotely-access-windows-home-server-2011-and-shared-computers/) which suggests that I can go through the steps specified in 2. but instead of just opening the dashboard, I can properly remote into the server/pc - ie log into the desktop just as If i was using it directly. Is this correct?


Sorry for the noobish questions - I just need to know exactly what to expect from remote access (ie will it just open the servers dashboard or properly log in remotely with desktop functionality) and also need to get it working!



PCDoc, I will give you all the pertinent info on my router this eve when I get home (6pm GMT) then hopefully we can try some prot forwarding fixes. Really appreciate your help (and the great podcasts) and the help of others too - many more helpful responses here than on wegotserved...


Thanks chaps

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