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But without the original, there is nothing to "post process".

Of course, but the final result could come from several originals; I'm thinking more of the idea that many have that you have to spend an inordinate amount of time getting the original shot just perfect before pressing the shutter button. At one time that was pretty true, and for a lot of pro photography it still is really (cause they don't have time for much post processing), but today a heck of a lot can be fixed just fine in post. For example, it's almost not worth bothering with white balance in the camera anymore, at least if you shoot raw.

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I know it sounds funny, but Ikon is right. Yes you need a decent image to start out with and the better you can get it in camera the less work later, but post processing is SO important. In fact, you should, at least in the back of your mind, be thinking of the post processing while you take the photo.


Funny you should mention WB ikon. I normally set mine to 5600k so I have a consitant color and then change it in post later. Now under different light I may change that and use a grey card, but normally when shooting under sunlight, I stick with 5600k.

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I don't think I added anything. The ghosting is due to people moving and the blending of the images. Photomatix does a decent job of removing some ghosting but not all of it. I debating on spending more time with the photo and removing the worst of the ghosting (they are in a difficult spot to clone out), but decided to leave them in for now.


As of right now, both the vertical and the one with City Hall will be included in my 5 shot submission to our towns annual photo contest. But since the submission deadline is December 31st, I will be waiting until the last day to see if I can get anything better.

I have a theory that it should be possible to take a single shot and have the camera do the +/- 2 f/stops in the camera. I think the algorithms can be tweaked to do it, but I could be wrong. If true, it would eliminate the ghosting altogether and be a lot faster too.

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