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System Restore preparation tips for Asus EP121


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I've had an EX495 for over a year and haven't had to do a system restore yet so this is all new to me.

I'm the proud new owner of an Asus EP121 Slate PC (love this machine) and would like to be able and ready to restore it to previous points in time.


Based on my limited understanding of the WHS System Restore process, I have 3 issues that make this different and possibly more complex.

1) It's a 64bit OS (Windows 7 Ultimate, 64bit)

2) The slate has a SSD so I can't easily pop it out and connect it to another machine to do an offline restore.

3) It doesn't have an ethernet port so I can't direct connect to the network.


I do have an external DVD drive (read only, it's not a writer).

Concerning point 3, I have a USD to Ethernet adapter. It works great but of course requires a driver.

Concerning point 2, I've seen a video that explained how to take the back off so I probably can get to the drive. Not sure what kind of connectors it has though.


What I'm looking for is advice on what I need to have ready when I need to, or want to, recover the machine to some previous state or install a larger disk drive.


Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the podcasts too!

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You should be able to make a bootable USB thumb drive with the PC Restore software and boot off of that.


For WHS v1 you will need the wireless nic driver in 32 bit because the restore software is 32 bit and add that to the USB stick.

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Did you ever get this working? I have an ep121 and have tried multiple usb to Ethernet adapters. On each i downloaded the 32 bit driver and the pcrestore program recognized the adapter but it never actually allowed it to connect to anything. No traffic on the adapter.

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