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Help me with my WHS 2011


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With the price drop in WHS 2011, I took the plunge on the software. Now I need to figure out what to do with the hardware. Help me choose between the below options. Basically I use my WHS for backups and for the media center connector to archive all my shows. Currently I'm not using any addins right now, but if there is good ones for 2011 I don’t want to be limited by RAM or CPU. I can see using WHS to stream content to my WP7 and for commercial skip (if the next version of show analyzer will work of WHS). My ex490 is still running strong, so I don't need to hurry. I do not want to cannibalize one of my current PCs. Since I may be using my WHS for streaming, I am leaning toward Sandy Bridge (i3?) and hoping for quicksync support to come one day. I'd like to go relatively inexpensive, but I'm willing to spend more if it truly is worth it.


1. Install WHS on my ex490 - possibly including upgrading to a C2D and 4GB RAM


2. Wait for a Newegg shell shocker AIO kit - for example they had below not too long ago for $250.

Intel Core i3-2100 3.1GHz Dual-Core Sandy Bridge LGA1155 Desktop Processor

MSI H61M-P21 (B3) Intel H61 LGA1155 MicroATX Motherboard

4GB G.Skill DDR3-1333MHz PC3-10600 Desktop Memory

Apex Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case w/ 485W Power Supply

Rosewill 2-Port USB 3.0 PCI-E Express Card


3. go for a Dell outlet PC


4. Start from scratch (will need help starting with case recommendations)

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These are all very good points, makes it hard to decide.


Since I have a EX490, I can tell you that there are folks who have installed WHS2011 on their boxes and are very happy. Since DE is no longer an issue streaming video and WHS2011 is 64 bit which can run on the MediaSmart boxes, everyone has found the experience to be quicker.


Also there is a driver available now that will get the case lights working as expected, so that's a big plus.



Since your v1 box is running strong, building a low cost 2nd server would allow you to run both at the same time backing up to each server are streaming from either,( there is a hack to get this going, so ask if you go this way) then you can decide if you want to fully commit to WHS2011 or repurpose that into a W7 box.

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Looking for deals and starting from scratch are my recommendations. Having the video port simplifies things and you can get some better performing hardware. You could easily use your V1 as sync location to extend your backup options. Personally I do not like the Dell option only because they typically do use components that would worthy of a nice quiet home server. The I-2100 would make a great choice. I would look for a motherboard that has the H67/Z68A chipset in lieu of a USB add-on card.

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One thing against the Dell option will be the lack of SATA ports on the MOBO plus if there is a problem with the system, you will be forced to return the entire unit, not just one component.


I was in the Dell camp for a long time and still will be for everyday use (Laptops, work PC's) but when it now comes to my own servers, I trust what I build and know the components.


Budget is always a concern but there is nothing like having the satisfaction of building your own.

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I have not run whs2011 but that being said I think that if you find a way to get a display from your ex490 I would go with that option. The reasoning being that your storage needs must be containable within a few drives and if performance becomes an issue you can always upgrade and the hardware will be cheaper at the point in time.


The dell machine I will have to go with what jmwills said.


Home build vs. cheap newegg deal, home build, as the home build will force you to think about aspects of the home server you might not have thought through.


just my to cents :D

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