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Hi all,


I've always lusted over the Macbooks and with my current laptop on its final leg, I'll be looking to replace it. I don't mind Windows 7 but I've always admired the industrial design of the Macbook. I know all the arguments about Apple's walled garden etc but I'd like to hear experiences of anyone who has/had one.


Cost is not a concern (or I wouldn't even consider Apple) but I'm looking for longevity and reliability. My previous two laptops, Toshiba and HP, were less than reliable with major components going bad early in their lives.

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I've been using Apple computers since just before their conversion from PPC to Intel chips and the hardware has been extremely reliable. I would suggest avoiding buying new models when there's been a radical redesign (as opposed to say a cpu update) as they seem to have problems when a new model is introduced. They seem to make good on these problems, but it would be a hassle.


My only problem has been with an iMac that began to run hot (causing graphic issues) after 3 1/2 years which was due to dust and dirt inside. A Macbook I had died when it drank a cup of coffee, hardly Apple's fault. Other than that all the Mac hardware I bought either still runs or ran fine when I sold it. My original Mac, an PPC based Mac Mini is still running.


I have limited experience with a Macbook Pro, just having one in the test lab at work and it's fairly new so I can't speak to it's quality on the road, but it's been fine. My own Macbook Air travels with me daily so gets the typical laptop abuse and is fine.


Having been using a Dell before getting the Macbook Air (and not particularly liking it, hence the Air), personally I'm sticking with Apple laptops unless they really start screwing up.


I've also had good luck with refurb's direct from Apple so you might want to consider it.


While I use both Mac and Windows PCs I generally stick with native software on each OS. I do run Windows 7 under Virtual Box for those must have Windows Apps but I've avoided going the bootcamp route so can't say how well Windows runs on the hardware. Personally I wouldn't buy a Mac with the intent of using it for Windows.


Good luck.

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I run Mac OSX Snow Leopard in a self-built hackintosh and there are things I definitely like

better about the system, but obviously use both Win7 and SL. The hardware is pricey, but

is top notch. When my current notebook dies I will also likely get a MacPro, it does cause

me hardware envy. With the ability to run Parallels etc., it's frequently cited as the best

windows machine ever by some.

The one thing that isn't frequently referenced, is that although the hardware is pricey, you

can quickly make up the difference in software alone. Mac developers frequently offer bundles

which are an absolute steal. Also, with the ability to install an app purchased on ALL your personally

owned computers, you can save a ton. Lastly, OS updates are super cheap, much more so than the

windows equivalents.

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I went with the MacBook Air. I went from a 10" netbook to the 13" Air and have really enjoyed it. The SSD and portability is what I wanted. I like the instant on effect you get when you open the lid. Don't forget that Office for the Mac is on Technet. Just in case you need to test Office on your new Mac. Ahem....

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Thanks Dave, the Air appeals to me a lot but I'm worried that the SSD may be too small. My desktop is my workhorse so the laptop would be for light duty stuff like web browsing and light word processing tasks. On the other hand, I've always heard the itunes experience is better on a mac so at 45 gb, the Air may be out of the question. Decisions, decisions...

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I went with the 128 and yes, the experience is different. When iOS 5 does air sync I assume it will be equally as better on the Mac than Win. I think Apple puts time bombs in the Windows product to make it frustrating.

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