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Just got 2011 installed and running on the same hardware that v1 was on. Pretty high end M4A89 GTD Pro USB3 Asus board. Drivers were a PITA though. Maybe this will help somebody:


After install, I only had 3 "Unknown Devices" in Device Manager. One was the network adapter, the other was the USB3 chip, and the third was the ATK0110 that usually gets pulled down from MS Update...2011 doesn't snag it however. I had to source it on the web, although I'm told installing Asus' PC Probe software would have installed it...didn't want to do that. The network card driver installed fine by pointing to it during "Update Driver", and the Renesas USB3 driver installed by double clicking...so far so good. Oh, the Realtek Audio and HDMI driver installed by double clicking too.


Now the fun stuff: AMD Video drivers and Chipset drivers. The video drivers had to be extracted with 7zip and then updated with Device Manager. Both the current 11.6 64bit AMD versions, or the Asus Windows 7 64 bit versions (Asus *does not* give a Server 2008 R2 option for download) both gave the feared "Not designed to run on your system" garbage. The chipset drivers are even worse, because there are many drivers in that package for storage controllers, USB filters, RAID, SATA, etc....


*Note* Windows will install MS versions of all of the above, and they will work...but I don't think the performance is what you'd want. The generic storage controller driver had two Seagate PATA drives set at UDMA 2! No thanks... amdsata.sys would be mine!


Anyway, when executing the Asus versions of these drivers, I'd get a "Not designed for WNT_6.1I OS" message. So I thought Hmmmm, something must be telling the installer something. So I opened up some setup.ini files and saw a bunch of OS' listed. "Let me add mine", I said. I added WNT_6.1I . , =WHS2011 (or something like that...I didn't really keep copious notes...I just wanted my drivers!) and then saved the .ini's. When I executed the Asus Setup.exe's, I got no warning! Yeee ha, we're in business. So now, I copied all the files from the extracted AMD driver installer, to the Asus folder (so I'd have the newest stuff). Launching it gave the familiar AMD Catalyst Install Manager, and showed all the options for North and Southbridge, SATA, USB, etc... The latest and newest drivers installed fine.


I don't know how you guys got drivers installed, but this board was a PITA...or are you guys just running with MS's generic stuff? I came here and expected a lot of this (2008 R2 driver problems), but didn't find a thing.



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At this point I'd like to make a shameless plug for my driver install utility I wrote over at DriverPacks.

Stand Alone Driver Disc (SAD2)


Here is a script developed from the original SAD script. I'll call it SAD2 :)

It'll automatically determine the running system OS arch and extract the correct DriverPacks from the right directory. Very slick.

It will then install or upgrade the drivers on all your devices from the supplied drivers and clean up after itself.

Supports all NT5 (XP/2000/2003) & NT6 (Vista/Win7/2008) OS types.

The utility will run from any media (disc/usb/network-share). Just put the decompressed drivers in \SAD2\NT6\x64\D\ folder and run the batch file.

Or, the drivers you need are already in the NT6 x64 DriverPacks.

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