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iPhone malware

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OK. I went ahead and did a backup/restore on my iPhone 3GS. I'm going to have to assume that reinstalling the firmware wipes everything including any possible malware.


Now that I've seen how easy that was, I'm off to a jailbreak site to see what kind of fun I can have with that. :)

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It is easy isn't it? Keep notes on your jailbreak experience for me. I have a huge set of notes for an article.

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On a purely light hearted note...

I have malware on my ipad and iphone too. I have done everything i can to remove it because its really annoying.. Its almost impossible to get rid of though. I did manage to get rid of it for a while, but then my ipad and iphone refused to work. :angry:

I took both devices to the apple store and explained to them about a terrible piece of software infecting both devices.A very nice, but very spotty young man called Scott then explained to me that, both my devices were actually malware free.

It turns out that what i thought was some crippling malware is actually called i-tunes and is supposed to be on there. :lol:

What a relief!!!!

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