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To Worry or Not to Worry, This is my question


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I just finished upgrading my HP MSS EX490 tonight with a

  • E6500 CPU (2.93 GHz, 2MB Cache, LGA775, 65W)
  • 4 GB Memory Stick ( G.SKILL F2-6400CL5S-4GBPQ)

I cleaned off the heat sink, and applied Arctic Silver 5 before putting everything back again.


I am somewhat concerned with the temperature.


Settings > MediaSmart Server > Hardware tab.


Fan Speed

- Upper Fan 2128 rpm

- Upper Fan 2103 rpm



- CPU 68 C (PECI)



- 3.3 V -- 3.354 V

- 5 V -- 5.082 V

12 V -- 11.913 V


Any feedback or suggestion would be appreciated...


Robert in Arizona

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68C is way too hot for a E6500. I would check your mounting and remount the CPU cooler as something does not sound right. You are getting close to the thermal step down temperature. It certainly does not sound normal to me.

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