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EX470 Network Connection Fail w/ Windows 7 SP1


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Hello, all. I'm writing from San Francisco, CA, in hopes that some of you more experienced users can help me diagnosis a problem thats just turned up.


I am running a WHS HP MediaSmart Server EX470, in almost continuous use since January 2008, fully updated to SP3, with four drives totaling a little over 3 TB. I show about 190 GB available in my drive pool. I have connectors to four Windows 7 clients in the household, each running SP1. Each client is set for daily backup. I also have about 8 share folders on the EX470, with lots of music, photos, recorded tv, etc.


I have Home Server SMART installed on the EX470, and it shows one of the hard disks as "Degraded" on the Reallocated Sectors Count. There is 1801 CRC errors on that drive.


In the last few days I've developed two "file conflict" error messages, and Microsoft help leads me here:

The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error


Symptoms: This message indicates that a hard drive controller driver is waiting for an overlapped read/write operation to complete.

Cause: This is usually caused by problems with a faulty hard drive controller driver or possible hard drive hardware problems or MFT corruption. MFT corruption will indicate WINERROR 1117 STATUS_DRIVER_INTERNAL_ERROR.

Resolution: Ensure that you are using the proper driver for your hard drive controller that is certified to work with Windows Server 2003. If the problem persists, replace the hard drive controller with a supported make or model. For MFT corruption, run chkdsk /x c:\fs\* from a command prompt.


I have not been able to correct these conflicts. For example, I cannot connect using Windows Explorer to delete the files indicated as in conflict.

Additionally, I can no longer reach my share drives from the client side using Windows Explore. When I try, I get Error Code: 0x80070035 The network path was not found.

Oddly, the backups of the clients are still working, and I can restore files from the backups.


Needless to say, I'm really bummed about loss of access to my Shares and starting to feel a little panicky.


Any ideas about how I can resolve this problem of being unable to reach my share folders?

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Hopefully you have enable folder duplication. File conflicts are usually caused when the folders/files/shares are no longer in sync. Most of the time it is hard drive replacement time. I do not think this is a driver issue but rather a hard drive or worst case, the controller itself. I would definitely start by installing a new drive and replace the degraded one. My experience with smart is that it tends to state the obvious rather than truly alert you well in advance.

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Or, it is because a file that is marked for duplication is open. If that is the case, simply reboot the server and it should go away. Good luck.

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