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Folder duplication question...


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My mediasmart server is currently set up with just one drive in it. I'm looking to do some backing up. I'm planning on adding 2 drives. one as a true backup drive that is not part of the pool and one as part of the pool. I'm planning on turning on folder duplication as well as manually backing up my data to the new non-pool drive so i can take it off site.

Now my questions...
1. If i turn on duplication and then change the name of a subdirectory or even a file what does the server do. Does it delete the old named file or directory and create new ones? or keep them both.

2. Is there an easy way to automate the process of backing up my data to the non-pool drive?


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1 It should remove the file but am not positive. Others may know.

2 Yes this can be done via several methods. I was recently told about diskkeeper and bdbb may do it as well.

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Folder Duplication does just that, it duplicates the selected folders onto another drive. If you have more than 1 drive added to the pool, you can NOT choose what drive it will duplicate your files to. Remember that if you accidentally delete files on 1 drive, it WILL be deleted on the other drive. Folder Duplication saves you from a drive failure.

Having a drive that it not part of the pool gives you an option in the Computers & Backup Tab to backup your Shares. Like Folder Duplication. you choose which Shares. You can also choose to which drive if you have more that 1 drive for Shares Backup. This is not done automatically.

Using BDBB addin is a good way to backup you PC Backups. It does not backup your Shares.
I personally don't use BDBB . I don't want to give up the data storage space for a copy of my backups.

John (homeservershow).

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