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Super Slow WHS 2011 Server Backups


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I have been noticing some really slow server backups recently, and wondered if anybody else noticed the same thing. Here is my setup. I have a 2TB RAID1, which has photos, documents, music and client backups. It is only about 50% capacity. I have a hot-swap 2TB drive that I use for the server backup. I select everything on the 2TB Raid1 array, minus recycle folder. The first time it backed up, it took a long time. Understandable. Most other server backups take less than 10-minutes, which is also understandable since I don't change the data that much. What I have been noticing is that the server backups have been taking 5-6 hours, with very little data change!


The backup times are set to the current defaults of twice a day at 11am and 11pm. I notice that the 11am backup finished fine, but the 11pm one would sometimes not. After doing some experimenting, I suspected that there was a collision between the nightime server backup and the client backups, as the server backup was including the client backups. I rescheduled the start time for client backups, to allow more time for the server backup to finish. It seemed to be working okay. However, just yesterday I added another client machine to be backed up. That process went fine. The next 11am server backup took six hours and completed okay. The nightime backup at 11pm did not complete, and errored with an Incomplete backup. No other diagnostics provided in the dashboard. Meanwhile the 11am backup today completed just fine, but took 6-1/2 hours to complete. Whaaat?! I didn't add any new data to the server in that time. It explains why the nighttime backup failed, as it likely was still running when the client backups started.


Perhaps it just takes the server a long time to navigate thru the backup database to see what has changed, and as a result, takes forever to complete. However, if this is the case, why do some server backups only take a few minutes to complete, and other hours-upon-hours??


Do you folks backup the client database via server backup, and if so, what sort of time does it take to complete? I am wondering whether it makes sense to use a different method (ie. syncback) to copy/backup over the client databases separately.

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