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How to make 3D video out of regular footage?

Guest jojojo

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Guest jojojo



Could anyone please help and suggest any software to make 3D (e.g. anaglyph) video out of regular one? The thing is I want to make a kind of 3D film out of the footage of my sister's wedding. Unfortunately, I don't own any 3D camera, so need to make it 3D in post-production by means of some software.


So far I have two options to choose from:


On one discussion board I was told that such conversion from "flat" to "three-dimensional" video is possible to make using Adobe After Effects. But the thing is I've never used this program, so it'll be difficult to achieve the result I want without proper advice/help (anyone use it?). Also on other forum I was recommended to try 3D Video Converter, which is said to convert any format video to anaglyph 3D. But I don't know.. Has anyone tried it?


Maybe someone knows any other software that can solve my issue and is proven?


Your suggestions are welcome!


Thank you

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