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5 Bay Silent WHS Case with 6th 2.5" OS space (SSD) & Slot-in Optical


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Any 5 bay silent cases out there? (with 2.5" SSD OS drive space, and slot-in Optical? (like AWIECO?)


I was happy with the EX495 form factor since it is running in a bedroom.


It's time to upgrade, so I'm looking for the perfect similar new server.


The AWIECO one is quite interesting:



Apparently it uses a ZOTAC motherboard.


It's pretty pricey but I don't see any other compact servers out there in this form factor. (let alone it's silent!)

I really love how SEVEN drives will be packed into this thing. (SSD C:\ OS drive, 5 SATA Drives + Blu-Ray slot-in drive)


Did they have some special case made for them? It's hard to believe that a similar generic mini case for this is not out there for DIY yet.


I have to be honest, ever since I put 2011 on my EX495, it's hard for me to spend money upgrading when it's actually working so well right now. I should explore upgrading the CPU on the EX495 possibly. I'd rather have USB 3.0 and an actual display port as an emergency though!


My 100% I'm ready to order urgently feeling has turned into a wait and see the first review feeling for the AWIECO. I forgot how bad the Pounds to Dollar conversion is. (ouch)



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That is indeed a nice looking setup. I would imagine that it's a custom case, but if not, I would love to track one down! That is indeed the ZOTAC H67ITX-C-E Mini-ITX motherboard installed. The I/O Shield is identical, as is the USB 3.0 Add-on Bracket. You can see identical pictures of it on NewEgg. I have this motherboard, but have yet to build something with it. Not sure why they went with that board, to be honest, as I can't imagine using wireless LAN for a server! There are cheaper H67 mini-ITX alternatives out there w/out wireless LAN. Perhaps it was all that was available when AWIECO was specing out this system.

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What's neat about the motherboard is that it support 6 sata ports, 5 internal drives and one for the slot loading DVD.


I heard that the wifi is weak.


These guys also use the same case, http://www.wegotserved.com/2011/05/19/hfx-powernas-2011-brings-touch-class-windows-home-server/


That HFX one is the SAME case! I'd love to buy the same case and put together my own machine. I'm sure I can do it for less.


The HumuHumu one might be ok, but I need to know if it's dead quiet like the AWIECO/HFX case is.


I'm looking into upgrading my current EX495 CPU/RAM for now until the right solution presents itself to me for a new DIY project.


Can you track down the AWIECO/HFX case??? :) :)


I could care less about the WiFi ports of course but what ever is best is best regardless of unused features.

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What's neat about the motherboard is that it support 6 sata ports, 5 internal drives and one for the slot loading DVD.


I re-read your post here. Hmmm only 6 SATA? I'd like 7, so hopefully a PCI-X eSATA card would add more.


I'd like


#1 SSD 2.5" Drive for OS

#2,3,4,5,6 (for 3.5" XTB Drives)

#7 for slot loading Blu-Ray drive (My Movies importing)


External eSATA for SansDigital 5Bay enclosure. I might even hookup a SECOND SansDigital enclosure, and only turn it on to do occasional full backups etc. Lucky for me I have access to a ton of spare TB drives to play with.

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It looks like maybe HFX is the OEM Case maker. I just emailed HFX via contact info on this page:



Hopefully they can sell the case alone. It looks like their other cases are for sale, just not this one from what I see.




HFX has two online re-sellers but I don't see the PowerNAS case for sale yet





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Response from HFX.............



Date Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 3:43 AM

subject AW: HFX PowerNAS (Case Only)

hide details 3:43 AM (14 minutes ago)

Hi Jon,


yes, we will add it lateron this year as DIY.

But you can have it for 249 EUR.

HFX PowerNAS Case only

+++ no LCD, no PSU, no BorgFX included +++


We get all the parts in 2 weeks, so that we can deliver in 3 weeks.


Best regards, Maik


Best regards,


mCubed Information Technology GmbH

Mollardgasse 85a/3/136 I 1060 Wien I Austria

Phone: +43-1-8122198-0





Hmmm so what does that mean if I actually like and want the LCD?

Where do I get the best silent Power Supply if they don't supply one?


It seems high for a case, but this is no ordinary case since it has all the Drive Slots with SATA hot connectors I guess.

(what do you guys think?) This seems like the ultimate WHS DIY case

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HFX did tell me a few weeks ago that they would sell just the cases. They wanted to sell a bunch of fully assembled boxes first. if the cost would be dollar for pound, then $249 for just the case is too expensive. You can get a nice 6 bay Digital Factal case with power supply for way less. http://usingwindowshomeserver.com/2011/05/22/review-of-the-fractal-design-array-r2-mini-itx-case/


They do sell the power supply and CPU coller separate. You can get your own 12V external power supply but you have to be careful about the BorgFX cooler that connects the CPU to the case, you need the right one that fits. They do have a page here http://www.mcubed-store.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=38_46 Not sure about the LCD, but that's even better than the light's on the HP case. They also have the slot loading DVD drive.


Andrew Edney from UWHS told me that he expects a review unit. I always ask him to take some internal photos for me, so I'm looking forward to that.


I'm not sure if their i3/i5 motherboards esata is port multiplier aware. hopefully it is for 5 drives as the EX49x.

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Interesting, not sure about that other case. (need more pix inside) well I'd want the BorgFX cooler since that's part of the silence magic.


Good news, AWIECO said they are willing to sell bare bones cases as well:



Hi Jon,


no problem. The price is unusual high compared to the v1 whs but you have also to comapre what you get.

As you said, you can have 5 drives for data, 1 drive for system and a blu ray optical drive and you can still expand with PCI-express and all this combined with powerful components in a high quality custom made, stylish and silent case, because it is running passive.

I hope that we can deliver soon and we will also see couple of reviews of it with new pictures and videos.

Anyways, HFX is our business partner and supplier of the chassis.

Yes, I can offer barebones systems by request. We will also offer an optional blu ray drive (is not yet in the specs).

I will send you an offer for the AWIECO Server case (inc. power supply and heatpipe) and ZOTAC board.


Kind regards





I'll ask him to confirm the eSATA port is Port Multiplier aware. (for more 5 drives, like EX495 is for SansDigital TR5M units)


Hopefully the price is right. I'm willing to pay a small premium for the right case as long as I don't have to buy the whole system. (CPU/Memory, etc)


I'll update this as I move forward. For now my EX945 is getting the job done but I can't resist the upgrade urge.


P.S. is this thread in the right section even? I noticed you have another hardware section.


My solution here seems to be half OEM and Half do it yourelf, so not sure which is better. The other hardware forum has more posts, and I'd like to make sure this info is shared to all.

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