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Drobo Status in WHS Dashboard

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Since I'm apparently going to have a new toy to play with before too long, I've decided I should see what I can make it do with my server. One thing I noticed at the meetup is that in order to see the information about the Drobo, you have to launch the Drobo Dashboard seperately. There is an add-in for WHS 2011 that allows you to launch any arbitrary program (the dashboard is run over remote desktop). However, if the Drobo is part of my main storage, it would be nice to see it inside the dashboard and also get alerts telling me when it is close to full and other things.


Anyways, I've been digging around, and found an API from Data Robotics that allows you to query status information from a Drobo in a custom application. It appears that it is definitely feasible to integrate the Drobo into the WHS dashboard.


I have two questions about this idea:

1) Who's interested if I can get this to work properly?

2) What functionality and features would you like to see?

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