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basic newbie Q's on whs2011


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Hi all, I'm new to whs and have a few basic Q's in regard to whs 2011


1. If I have more than 2TB of data , I understand that this is the backup limit of 2011. However, can I have multiple disks in the server each containing <2Tb of data and back up each disk to another specific disk, such as

Disk 1 music share backed up to disk 2

Disk 3; video/photos share backed up to disk 4

Disk 5; documents share backed up to disk 6


2. is there any duplication in 2011, such that when I save data to disk 1,3,5 above, the data could be duplicated to disks 2,4,6.

Am I right in that this would be used in case a drive failed before the backup occurs?


3. What are the options to protect against OS drive failure, I'm confused on the use of a OS drive mirror (raid / IXCy Dock?) so that I don't have to reinstall the OS vs internal/external backup vs avoiding reinstalling whs on the replacement drive vs nightly image











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We talked about this a bunch on Shows 135 thru 140. The short answer to #1 is no. The back up just doesn't work that way. I had first thought I could do this and was sad to find out I couldn't. Yes, it's a pain.


For #2 you could use a solution like RoboCopy or SyncToy. Not aware of anything in the OS.


You can backup the OS as part of your regular back up plan (remember...only 2TB allowed total). I have tested the icydock mirror with 2 SATA laptop drives as an option and do not back up the OS as a part of my normal backups. Reason? Not a good one. Maybe just cuz I can. It would probably work better to use those two drives in a RAID 0 (for speed) and let the server back up the OS. Still working that out in my own mind.


I'm sure others will comment.

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thanks for the response, ..must go back and re-listen


jeez, they've really screwed over this product.


4a. If using no add-ons I'm stuck with one drive for the OS and one 2Tb for shares? And the only option is to back-up these 2 drives

4b. can this be either internal or external(for offsite placement)?

4c. Would you backup the OS and Shares to the same drive or separate ones?

4d. For the OS, does the backup contain everything for a complete restore of the OS and any data on the OS drive, or is an image or the original DVD used to re-install the OS portion


5. So there's no way of running duplication of the shares?


6. I thought some of you were looking into using the Icydock with 2 laptop drives to mirror the OS, so that if the OS drive fails you replace it with the second drive, then insert a new drive and re-mirror?



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Wow, I didn't realize you couldn't backup up more than 2 TB's internal to the server. I thought you could use the back up process to "duplicate" data within the server and the only issue with the limit was for off-site back-ups. This sucks. You need a server to back up your server.


4a. You can have as many drives as you want. You can only back up 2 TB's using the automated backup process.

4b. Either is fine.

4c. Same is fine. If you back them up to different drives you have to manage it manually.

4d. Client OS or server OS?

5. Using dropbox or Allway Sync you could duplicate the data. There are other applications that would do this.

6. I am using the IcyDock and your understanding is correct.

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