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Today I downloaded the latest release of Lights Out (this is a great add in).


Its a minor enhancement, one of the neat new functions is the addition of a slider on the uptime status, so you can select the range you want to view.


It installed seemlessly on my server and pushed the client update to the client machines.


I had a laptop that was off, so I powered it up and it autoamatically took the updated client.


So no problems yet, guess I'll see how it goes this evening waking up my machines for their nightly back-up.


I love being able to just forget about the back-up and let lights out handle it for me.

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Well I've been using the 1.5.1 release for a week now and it has performed flawlessly.


If you haven't installed Lights out I can highly recommend it.


Is it worth going to this new release if you are on a backward release, probably not although it does enable extensive

options for monitoring and preventing the server from going to sleep for processes, files etc.

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I've also been demoing Lights-Out for the last week. I really like the scheduling feature among other things mentioned by Dude. This is nice. I'm probably going to buy it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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