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Hi Guys,


Anybody tried the windows phone 7 connector RC that was just been released, I seem to be unable to connect to the server using an IP address. Anybody else having this issue?




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I just set up my WHS2011 machine and I'm migrating from V1 (HP EX470) this weekend. I installed the add-in and the WP7 app and used the public server name (i.e. MyHomeServer.homeserver.com) and it works fine. Interestingly, probably because my internet access is through Cox Communications, I can't get to the WHS 2011 machine by using this address from within my network (I have to use the "intranet" name, i.e. '//MyHomeServer to access it from within my network in a browser), but with the WP7 app, it still works inside or outside of my network (3G or Wireless). Not sure what that magic is...but I'm not complaining. I'm thinking when the first fully qualified name doesn't work, it may fall back to the "local" name.


Have you tried using the FQDN of the server?

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