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Hey All,

I have just finished preparing my taxes and I have come into a nice windfall. To show my appreciation to my sister and brother in-law for helping me during my career change, I am going to take some of my tax return money and purchase either a EX 490 or EX 495. The computers on the network are mostly all Macs (except 2), this will make backing up painless.

I have looked at different articles about each model but I like to get some feedback from people who use either a EX 490 or EX 495. This will replace my current WHS home build which will be reallocated as my VM PC. I will use this WHS for backing up 3 Apple computers (later this year will increase to 4 Apple computers) and 3 Windows computers. The main reason for the EX 490 or 495 purchase is the built in Time Machine backup process. How has that worked for people that use the function? I will reallocate 3 of the 1 TB hard drives from my current WHS into the EX 490 or 495 to have plenty of storage space. How does the music and video sharing work?

Thanks for any feedback,

PC Eddie

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Get the EX490, it's usually $150 cheaper. If you like to hack it, you can purchase the e5200 CPU or choose a better one. follow this thread on the CPU. http://www.mediasmartserver.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=5512

The HP box comes with itunes server, so the music on the server shared folder will show up in iTunes. http://www.mediasmartserver.net/2009/09/14/review-hp-mediasmart-server-ex490-and-ex495/
read up on the itunes server, media collection, mac console. This is a great review.

John (homeservershow).

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