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My v1 Server name is _______. My new 2011 server name will be ______.


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WHSv1 - Goofyserver


WHSv2 - WHS2011 (this is not a permanent build yet)


There are a few other computers in our house that are named after Disney characters.

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WHS V1 - Degas

WHS 2011 - Degas


(all our computers are named after the French Impressionists)

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v1 - Boomer

v2 - Sooner (not on final server yet so I may change it)


Some of you are very creative.



Dave, I like the cars.

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Guest no-control

Everything that is non portable ends in "BOX"

Portable ends with "Blade"

Network ends with "Wire"


WHSv1 = LunchBox

WHS2011 = BlackBox



Main RIg = MurderBox

Kids PC = IceBox (lots of blue case lights)

HTPC in LV RM = BoomBox

HTPC in BD RM = RedBox (all Red case)

HTPC in Exercise RM = SweatBox


I have more "Box"es but you get the picture....


My Laptop = SwitchBlade

Wife's = RazorBlade


SSID = HotWire

Router = LiveWire

UT Filter = BarbedWire

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WHSv1 = COSMOS (no longer up and running)WHS 2011 = COSMOS


I decided to go with the same server name because then I would not have to change any of the folder mappings or other UNC paths for the most part.

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2008R2 = corealpha

whs2011 = orientis


started using star trek star systems for most of my machines


desktop = codis

laptop = corax

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