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2011 Backup


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Hi Guys,


I currently have an EX485 and have built separate box for my new 2011 Home Server based on a very nice intel mini itx MB (Fly Creek) with a Core 2 Duo CPU and a Chenbro 4 bay chassis. I have moved all my MAC's and my main Windows PC over to this server for backups.


I have the storage laid out as a Raid 5 set of a old 500gb's (3x) and 1 2TB drive, so almost 3TB. This OS is installed on the RAID array.


My current EX485 still has 5TB of space and the 2 Media Centre's connect and store all recorded tv, movies, music etc.. on this machine. (So I haven't moved that over).


So I have been playing with the idea to move everything over until today when my backups on my pc started failing and on the MAC and after 2s of investigation I noticed that the drive (the array) was full and I now had to move the backup folder to a different drive.


So I have 7 pc's in the house if I move all my pc's to 2011 can the client backup folder span multiple drives? can you specify different drives for different pc's for it to backup to (I couldn't find it or it was not obvious?)


Or is the total backup limit for all pc's = to 3TB (biggest drive available?)




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The Clients Backup Folder cannot span drives (in the dashboard, that needs to be done behind the scenes) and you cannot specify different folders for different PCs. It's kind of all or nothing.


The total back up limit for PCs is limited to your single largest drive as the system sees it. So if you had a RAID drive that was 5TB in size, you could use that to back up everything.


Not a bunch of options here. Hope that helps. Looks like you need more space.

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