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WHSV1 transition to 2011 - Help please!


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OK would this work?


I buy 2 new 2TB drives and a single 250gb Drive. I physically remove all the drives from my existing machine.


I build the new box with the 3 new drives and get the new 2011 server up and running.


I then add all my existing drives to the new server and copy the data to the new drives.


My question is using something like Datacore, is it possible to create a 'Pool' of drives after they have been populated with data?


If so I could copy all the data from my old drives to my new drives, then format the old drives and create 1 big pool with 4 X 2TB drives.


I would then like to create a mirror from the new 250Gb system drive and the old 250Gb system drive which could be formatted after the data is off?


Any suggestions much appreciated.






I believe that with DataCore's add-in, no. Dave's review and other have reported that they had to "DriveHarmony would not use the drives I had already loaded into the server and assigned drive letters to. I had to load Disk Management and delete the volume on each drive." before the DriveHarmony add-in would see them..



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