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Podcast 74, what do you think ?


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This week we saw a lot of addins come out and talked about each one. Let us know if you installed some and what you think.

We covered the new I-Pad just abit, what do you think ?
We got into Avast, is the 5.0 WHS coming ?
What do you think about replacing the system drive with 2 2-1/2" 500Gig RAID 0 drives ?
My brother got himself the MagicJack, what do you think about using that device to replace your land line ?

Have a great week.

John (homeservershow).

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First post but have been listening to the podcasts for a month or so. I was interested to know what type of home servers are you guys using? Home built, HP 4xx or something else? The reason I ask is that I have an HP EX-470 and HP does not recommend add-ins. I have has some problems in the past with what may have been add-in related but it could have been HD or PC HD related. The box has been stable for the last 2 months but then again I have no third party add-in's installed and only installed the toolkit from HP.

So what add-in are owners of EX-470's running and are they stable?

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I have a 470 (with 2gb RAM) and am running a few add-ins:
MySQL Installer for WHS
ASoft AutoExit 2009 for WHS
WHS PHP Installer
WHS Disk Management
My Movies
WHS Backup Database-Backup
WHS Smart (or whatever it's called)

Nothing very resource intensive at all.

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Hi Racer, welcome to the forums.

I ran the EX470 for over a year and found it to be very reliable with several Add-Ins installed. I ran BDBB, Fan Control, Whiist, WHS Disk Management, Grid Junction, and I ran MyMovies for several months as well. I say, run what you NEED, and limit your experimentation with your production WHS. You should be fine.

I run the EX495 now with pretty much the same setup. Funny thing is, I've started having some .NET issues of late and it's really messing with my server. I'm not sure if it's Add-In related or not. I'm still troubleshooting it.


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There should not be any more limitations with your HP server than a standard home buit or any server for that matter keeping in mind any CPU or Ram requirements of the add-in you want to use. HP does not want you to add add-ins as it adds a variable and they do not want to support something that was casued by some other software. Add-ins "can" be an issue depending on what they do however the key is to limit your exposure. If you have a second server do as the home server team suggested use it to test first, if you do not, only install one at a time (not like I did a couple of times) and test it for a awhile and you should be able to catch a problem if there is one. Good luck,

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Another good show guys. I hear you on the bandwidth issues, that is why I don't use Wuala. I also live in Indiana on the fringe of DSL. i am lucky to get the 3m-D/756k-U that i have.

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