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The DataCore DriveHarmony beta add-in is now available for download and testing

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I just put a post up with the link to the DriveHarmony beta from DataCore.




Would love to get some feedback on this from you guys.


A mini review is now posted as well.



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According to the attached Readme file, Drive Harmony only excepts raw, unpartitioned drives to create Drive Harmony Drives. Looks like if you want to use this you'll want to install it right after installing the OS.


Too late for me.

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I have been playing with it and found the speeds in real life to be somewhat abysmal. In addition, there was a definite slow down of the system. The add in itself is pretty straightforward pretty well done. I like the ease of drive expansion but in the end, I do not believe it will fit the needs of the video streamer pulling 1 or more BD from the their server. This is of course my opinion from running it for a couple of days. Try it for yourselves and see what you think. Look forward to the next upgrade and I will retest.

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Which begs the question...Why would anyone use this?

I was completely underwhelmed by the podcast on what they hope to offer. This is the only DE replacement i have no intention of trying. For me at least,they have come to the table way too late....and with an inferior product to Drivepool and Drivebender.

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